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Why Drumming Gorillas On The Chest?

The gentle giants
Gorillas are often called gentle giants. They are the friendliest and most family-oriented people. But you should not be deceived. The Silver Ridge (the head of the group) knows how to defend itself.

Ankle goers
Gorillas usually run on their ankles. They are based on the second and third finger members. Chimpanzees, too, like the gorillas, go by the ankle.

The old
When male gorillas grow old, they get a gray back, also "silver back". The leader of a group is always a silver ridge and the oldest animal in the group. In the wilderness they are 35-40 years, in captivity until 50 years old.

Wrong impression
Although gorillas are peaceful, most think that gorillas are aggressive and attack and kill people. This opinion has also been reinforced by films like "King Kong".

Why drumming gorillas on the chest?
The most famous behavior of gorillas is drumming on the chest. One can hear it just under 1 km. It serves not only to show other males who is the "coolest". Gorillas also drumming to greet each other, or to tell another animal where they are.

What do gorillas eat?
Gorillas are vegetarians and eat 18-30 kg of plants, roots, sprouts and tubers. They do not drink water because the plants supply sufficient liquid.

No nose like the other
Biologists always identify gorillas by means of the noses. No two noses are equal!

The largest nest builders
Among the mammals, gorillas are the largest living creatures that build nests. However less for the offspring, because the is usually piggyback. They build nests to create a nice, cozy place to sleep and rest. They consist of leaves, are made every day, and usually have a diameter of about one meter.

Largest eardrum
Gorillas have the largest eardrum of all creatures. It measures 97 mm. In comparison, the eardrum of man: 62 mm.

Great climbing
Gorillas can climb very well and are obviously dizzy, because they climb trees to 40 m height! They do not swing like chimps from branch to branch. They prefer to stick between branches. Gorillas climb the least.

Ieee, that's wet!
Gorillas can not swim.

If you do not mind, I will not do anything to you
Gorillas have few enemies. Only leopards can be the fate of the small, needy babies. Man ultimately poses a much greater threat because he destroys the habitat of the animals through forestry.

Pacifier years
Baby gorillas are born with 2 kg of weight and are suckled for 3-4 years.
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