Rabbits are a breeding form of wild rabbits and very popular pets. They are very sociable, dig, eat and hide.

Rabbits are not rodents
Even if rabbits often look at something: they are not rodents, but belong to the "hare-like". There are about 88 species, Polar rabbits, wild rabbits, donkeys and cotton-tailed rabbits.

I can see what you can not see
Rabbits do not need to turn their heads to see what is behind them. You have a 360 ° round view. Besides, they are far-sighted, that is, they look sharply distant. This helps them to quickly identify nearby enemies.

Rabbits as pets
Hamster, chinchilla and mice sleep during the day. The rabbit, on the other hand, is awake and active during the day. This makes them extremely popular pets, but they are not always properly understood. Often, owners are sad and frustrated because their rabbits are aggressive. This is only a sign that they are unhappy because they are not held properly.

Between boredom and mega-fun
Even rabbits can get bored. For example, if they are held alone, because they need their fellow-beings around them. They also need movement and do not like to sit in a small cage all day. When they feel comfortable, they purr. And, when they are extremely happy, they run around wildly, jump into the air and hit with their hind legs.

Rabbits are born after a gestation period of about 30 days and are blind at birth. As a rule, 4-6 boys are born in a litter. But there can be more. According to Guinness Book of Records, a New Zealander rabbit received most babies in 1999: 24 pieces!

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