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Street Dogs in Romania

A tragic incident involving the death and injury of a street dog in 2016 had dramatic consequences for all Romanian strayers. It was decided that the lump-sum killing of dogs was officially permitted. Even if the government has now withdrawn from this cruel decision dog killing in Romania continues. Countless stray people live in Romania, but in the capital Bucharest it is said to be over 60,000.

Instead of finding a pet-friendly solution, the problem was solved in the most radical way: only fourteen days later, according to the decision, the four-legged animals were allowed to remain in the shelter after being delivered there. If during this time nobody is interested in the animals, they may be euthanized without further reason. In June and July 2016 there were important court successes against the cruel law. Unfortunately, the killing and tormenting of street dogs in Romania continues in practice, also because legislation has not been implemented so far. To help the dogs in Romania, animal rights activists have launched numerous campaigns.

We would like to introduce you to some of the ways in which you can become active. Animal shelters, animal welfare organizations and dog friends coordinate medication, care dogs and donation campaigns for Romanian dogs. If you would like to contribute material or money donations or offer a beautiful new home to a four-legged friend, you will find it in most urban animal shelters.
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