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Domestic Bengal Cats

Story: The great mass of Bengal cat with unmistakable spotty skin, seems like a sneaky wild Asian leopard cat, though due to the fact that one of his ancestral Bengal cat is a domestic cat style. Bengal cat name, the scientific name of the Asian leopard cat "Felis bengalensis" is said. Asian leopard cats in pet stores were removed between 1950 and 1960. This can be considered for semi-wild cats, Bengal cats are pawned with house cats. Breeder, who is a Californian, Jean Mill, is record-writing how to make this process as the first person.

Care: In contrast to long-haired cat breeds Bengal Cats are particularly easy to care for. They tend to cultivate their fur normally. In order to strengthen the bond between the people around them, it is not wrong to brush the coat of the Bengal cat from time to time. Many cats lean back and enjoy the strokes of their owner.

Nature and character: In general Bengal Cats are regarded as very friendly, cuddled, trustworthy, human-oriented and very curious cats. Because of their gentle nature, they regularly make their owner aware of the fact that they want to be cuddled by loud purring and braying. Bengal Cats quickly become accustomed to their owner and mistress and look for their contact also times, by laying on the lap of their holder.
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