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Taiwan Bans Eating Dog And Cat Meat

Up to 7700 euros must pay in the future, who is buying or eating dog or cat meat. Recently, there had been indignation in Taiwan on a series of cruel incidents.
Taiwan prohibits the consumption of dogs and cats. According to MEPs, Parliament adopted a law which prohibits the acquisition and possession of dogs and cats, in addition to consumption. Violations are punishable with up to 7700 euros. In the future there will also be tougher penalties for the ill-treatment and killing of animals. There are up to two years imprisonment.

 Recently, there has been public indignation in Taiwan for a series of cruel incidents and demands for more stringent animal welfare laws. Last year, the army was forced to apologize for a video that featured three soldiers who tortured a stray dog ​​and strangled it with an iron chain.

The consumption of dog meat was long tradition in Taiwan
In 2014, a hippopotamus famous for performances in a privat zoo had died, after a transport had broken one leg and injured another.

Consumption of dog meat was a long tradition in Taiwan, but it had declined sharply. In recent years, there had been isolated reports of trades that offered dog meat. Deputy Wang Yu Min said on Wednesday, the new laws showed that "Taiwan is a country with advanced animal protection."
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