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Friesian Horse

The majestic Frieze
The Friesian is a horse of breathtaking beauty: its shining coat, the long, flowing mane and the majestic fur limbs on the legs make the heart of every horse fan beat faster.

History: oldest horse race in Europe
The breed comes from the Friesland (Netherlands), one of the oldest in Europe and has a remarkable breeding history. Many horse breeds have full English blood. The Friesian, however, were never crossed with other races, except the racy Andalusian. The Friesian has a pretty, slender head, a beautiful bent neck and a high knee action.

Character: patient and gentle
The Friesian carries his head with his expressive face and the bright eyes mostly high and proud. Despite his majestic nature, he is not a difficult horse. On the contrary, he is very patient, nervous, and meek.

Color: Are the friezes always black?
Friesians are always black, but not from birth. As a foal they have a brown coat. For a Friesian to get an entry into the studbook, he must not have any white insignia.

Breeding: Strict rules at the Friesian
In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the Friesian was an important war horse, for it was strong enough to carry knights with their heavy armor. At the beginning of the 20th century, however, the race seemed almost lost. There were only a few stallions who could pass on their heredity. Meanwhile, Friesian is fortunately quite often again. So that the offspring by inheritance of bad plants but no health problems get, there is also today a strict selection with the Deckhengsten. You have to face a jury every year.

Where does the name come from?
The Friesian is named after its home, the Friesland in the Netherlands.
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